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A Team of Specialists

Simple mission here. God brought five guys together to:

• Love people
• See His will be done
• Be hands and feet for His blessings with folks and their families
• Celebrate His abundance in our lives
• Find and scale opportunities to blend margin and mission
• Build global community around all this

The Big Five name is a nod to one of our own and his home country. These are the five animals in Africa most prized by the global community. We also see the diverse and unique perspective the Big Five represents in their respective ecosystem. Like us, each of these animals have something special to offer to the world around them. God made them and we celebrate them. Our leadership team has an incredible array of experiences, talents, stories and offerings they have individually championed over the years. Together there is something extraordinary about what God is building around these dudes and what they can do. And if that sounds interesting to you, we would love for you to join us on this journey and see how God wants to use us to change the world. Let’s go!

Jeff Dyck

Partner – The Elephant

Jeff Dyck

Owner – The Elephant

Jeff is an innovator, orchestrator, and bridge builder. He brings people, technologies, and business models together around problems to create profitable opportunities that elevate the health, wealth, and happiness of all. He’s on a personal mission to grow businesses that impact 100 million lives over the next decade. Jeff was previously a Special Projects Executive at IBM, has started, acquired, and sold several businesses, and helped dozens of others do the same.

Nick Darling

Partner – The Lion

Nick Darling

Owner – The Lion

Nick is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background that spans several disciplines to include advanced tax and financial planning to sales consulting. Nick has helped run multiple top performing teams within the high ticket coaching space. Within the domain of tax planning strategies Nick and his team has advised and helped companies obtain tens of millions of dollars within the Employee Retention Credit as well as working with owners who have diverse commercial property portfolios to be more tax efficient. Nick is a published author who lives in Northern California with his wife Christine and their two children Lucy & Noah.

Tommy Deuschle

Partner – The Buffalo

Tommy Deuschle

Owner – The Buffalo

Tommy is a born and bred Zimbabwean entrepreneur who moved to the United States in 2018. He has consulted for national branding projects, globally recognized companies and helped lead local transformation movements in emerging markets. As an ERC Specialist, Tommy has advised and helped company owners across the United States access the Employee Retention Credit opportunity. With his background in team development Tommy shaped multiple award winning teams in film, media and music. As a WEF Global Shaper Alumni and ZNCC (Zimbabwe Chamber of Commerce Award Winner) Tommy is a sought after communicator and team builder and speaks to youth audiences across Africa and US about the power of Collective Vision and United Narrative.

Nicholas Alter

Partner – The Leopard

Nick Alter

Owner – The Leopard

A native Austinite, Nick has worked with over 700 brands in the past 15 years. Founder of Alter Endeavors, Catch Engine, Tentmakers Network and now ThriveSide, Nick can best be described as a marketing and technology architect. Amidst the technology, marketing, and business endeavors, Nick seeks to build a thriving community of folks who look to serve and love others first. Married to his high school sweetheart, they live in South Austin and have 2 young boys that can best be described as “adorable chaos.”

Josh the Mysteriou Rhino

Partner – The…Rhino

Josh the Mysterious Rhino

Owner – The Rhino

Josh is a real person that we love and is an essential member of the Big Five team. This is a pic we pulled off of Unsplash by Keith Markilie for now. By the way, rhinos put out fires, and Josh is ridiculously gifted at this. 

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